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Jeremy "Bubba" Harris shows Gen. Dennis L. Via (center) the 155mm artillery round.

Jeremy "Bubba" Harris, explosives operator supervisor (area foreman), Medium Caliber Operations, Industrial Operations Division, Directorate of Ammunition Operations, shows Gen. Dennis L. Via (center), commanding general, U.S. Army Materiel Command, and AMC Command Sgt. Maj. James Sims (right) the 155mm artillery round with the base cap off before the 88 grenades inside are pressed out of the projectile during the demilitarization process. The general's visit to McAlester Army Ammunition Plant Aug. 12 was his first since he took command of AMC at Redstone Arsenal, Ala., nearly two years earlier. (Photo by David Scroggins)

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Retired Soldier battles adversity, returns to civilian duty

William Poe (center), a lead security guard at McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, Oklahoma, observes the flag-folding by Cody Smith (left) and Kenneth White (right) during a retreat ceremony at the installation. Poe returned to his civilian position at MCAAP one week after being medically retired by the Army April 20, 2014 for the injuries he sustained from three separate IED explosions in Afghanistan, July 5, 2011. (Photo by Kevin Jackson, MCAAP Public Affairs)

Guardian angel helps ammunition plant employee save lives

Wayland Brown, a production machinery mechanic in the Engineering Support Division, Directorate of Engineering and Public Works, poses with the U.S. Army Safety Guardian Award he was presented virtually by Brig. Gen. Kristin K. French, commanding general, Joint Munitions Command, during her quarterly safety video teleconference, May 29. Brown is the only person at McAlester Army Ammunition Plant to ever receive the award. (U.S. Army photo by David Scroggins)

Wounded Warrior bags first wild turkey

Master Sgt. Terry Watson from the Warrior Transition Unit, Fort Sill, Okla., proudly poses with his 22-pound turkey with a 10-and-a-half-inch beard and one-inch spurs that he bagged at McAlester Army Ammunition Plant April 18. (U.S. Army photo by Kevin Jackson, MCAAP Public Affairs)

McAlester Army Ammunition Awards

2014 - United States Army Safety Guardian Award presented to Wayland W. Brown Jr., Engineering Support Division, Directorate of Engineering and Public Works, for rescuing three coworkers from a burning structure in May 2013.

2013 – Headquarters Army Materiel Command Environmental Award for Natural Resources Conservation on a Large Installation.

2012 – U.S. Air Force Annual Armament Directorate External/Support Team Award for work on the BLU-129 bomb.

2012 – McAlester News-Capital Reader’s Choice Award as the Best Large Employer.

2011 – Precision Strike Association 16th Annual William J. Perry Award for work on the massive ordnance penetrator. The award is named for the former Secretary of Defense from 1994-1997.

2011 – The McAlester Chamber of Commerce awarded MCAAP its Large Business of the Year Award.