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Stinger upgrade to increase service life

Emma Thomason, an explosives operator from the Industrial Operations Division, Ammunition Operations Directorate, gets hands-on training with an FIM-92E Stinger from Matthew Thomas, an electronic integration system mechanic in the Precision Munitions Division, Ammunition Operations Directorate at McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, Okla. (Photo by Kevin Jackson)

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Ammo plant drives home rail skill set with ride, tour

Brig. Gen. Kristin K. French, commanding general, Joint Munitions Command, Rock Island Arsenal, Ill., gets hands-on instruction for the railroad spike-driving machine from Robert Heathcock and John Duke, employees in the Railroad Maintenance Division, Public Works and Engineering Directorate at McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, Oct. 6. (Photo by David Scroggins)

Modernization to boost ammo plant's efficiency, capacity

Heath Eldridge and Brad Cochran (left to right) monitor the transfer of explosives into the body of a BLU-109 C/B penetrator bomb during first article acceptance testing on B-line at McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, Okla., Oct. 1. The explosives are mixed in a 600-gallon bowl and transferred into the bomb body that is secured below. (Photo by Kevin Jackson)

McAlester Army Ammunition Plant supports Air Force requirements

Treaver Price, a MCAAP chemist, demonstrates a new mixer technology for Col. Darren Cochran, senior materiel leader, Direct Attack Division, Armament Directorate, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center at Eglin AFB, Fla., during his visit to the plant, Sept. 23. The new mixer technology is used in the production of penetrator bombs. (Photo by David Scroggins)

McAlester Army Ammunition Plant Awards

2014 - Headquarters Army Materiel Command Natural Resources Conservation Individual Award to William R. Starry.

2014 - United States Army Safety Guardian Award presented to Wayland W. Brown Jr., Engineering Support Division, Directorate of Engineering and Public Works, for rescuing three coworkers from a burning structure in May 2013.

2013 – Headquarters Army Materiel Command Environmental Award for Natural Resources Conservation on a Large Installation.

2012 – U.S. Air Force Annual Armament Directorate External/Support Team Award for work on the BLU-129 bomb.

2012 – McAlester News-Capital Reader’s Choice Award as the Best Large Employer.

2011 – Precision Strike Association 16th Annual William J. Perry Award for work on the massive ordnance penetrator. The award is named for the former Secretary of Defense from 1994-1997.

2011 – The McAlester Chamber of Commerce awarded MCAAP its Large Business of the Year Award.