Environmental Management Office


To integrate environmental values into McAlester Army Ammunition Plant’s (MCAAP) mission in order to sustain readiness, improve the Soldier’s quality of life, strengthen community relationships, and provide sound environmental stewardship of resources.


  • • Ensure that MCAAP achieves, maintains, and monitors compliance with all applicable Executive Orders, federal, regional, state, and local statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • • Comply with compliance requirements in statutorily mandated or authorized documents such as permits, judicial decrees, consent and compliance agreements.
  • • Reduce compliance costs and simplify requirements to the extent possible. Pollution prevention is the preferred means for attaining compliance. Additional pollution prevention guidance is in Department of Defense Instruction 4705.4.
  • • Plan, program, and budget to achieve, maintain, and monitor compliance with applicable environmental requirements. MCAAP shall fund all requirements (based on the "environmental quality status") in Classes 0, I, and II consistent with timely execution to meet future deadlines.
  • • Use supplemental environmental projects, preferably pollution prevention, to offset fines and penalties where appropriate and allowed by fiscal law.
  • • Use cooperative solutions to provide needed environmental facilities or services where economically advantageous and consistent with mission requirements.
  • • Participate in the development of federal, state, and local plans and programs for achieving, maintaining, and enhancing environmental quality (e. g., watershed protection, management plans, and air quality implementation plans).
  • • Pay reasonable fees or service charges to state and local governments for compliance costs.
  • • Use commercially proven solutions, including available technology, to achieve, maintain, and monitor compliance, where possible. Promote the development and use of innovative solutions for the prevention of pollutants when economically advantageous and consistent with mission requirements.
  • • Conduct internal and external compliance self-assessments. Expeditiously report all information required by applicable statutes, regulations, permits, orders, and agreements. Promptly correct any environmental violations discovered.
  • • Prohibit the use of DoD installations for the storage or disposal of non-DoD owned toxic or hazardous materials, as per 10 U.S.C. 2692. The storage and disposal of non-DoD owned toxic or hazardous material reported or discovered in areas outside of DoD installations are primarily the responsibilities of civil authorities. Exceptions to that policy are in 10 U.S.C. 2692.
  • • Administer/manage the following installation environmental programs as they relate to compliance, pollution prevention, and restoration programs:
  •      o Air Quality Management
  •      o Hazardous Waste Management
  •      o Environmental Noise Program Management
  •      o Solid Waste Management
  •      o Environmental Management System/ISO 14001 Certification Program
  •      o Environmental Program Requirements (EPR)
  •      o Ozone Depleting Substance (ODS) Program
  •      o Army Environmental Reporting Online (AERO) Program
  •         EPAS
  •         AEDB-CC
  •         AEDB-R
  •         ERIS
  •         READ
  •         AEDB-EQ
  •         SWARWeb
  • • Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act (EPRCA) Program
  • • Environmental Performance Assessment System (EPAS) Program
  • • Environmental Quality (EQ) Reporting Program
  • • Installation Status Report II (ISR2) Natural Infrastructure Program
  • • Storage Tank Management
  • • Asbestos Management
  • • Radon Management
  • • Lead Hazard Management
  • • Wastewater Management
  • • Water Quality Management
  • • Spill Contingency/Spill Prevention Program (for petroleum, oils, and lubricants)
  • • Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCB) Management
  • • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Management
  • • Restoration Management
  •      o Army Environmental Data Base Restoration (AEDB-R)
  •      o Army Environmental Data Base Restoration (AEDB-CC)
  •      o Military Munitions Response program (MMRP)
  •      o Installation Restoration Program (IRP)
  •      o Defense State Memorandum of Agreement (DSMOA) Program
  •      o Cost-To-Complete (CTC) Program
  •      o Installation Action Plan (IAP)
  •      o Community Involvement Plan
  • • Pollution Prevention Management

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