Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)


Requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) should be directed to:

McAlester Army Ammunition Plant
1 C Tree Road
McAlester OK 74501-9002

FAX: (918) 420-6220

NOTE: Your request must be in writing, indicate your fee category (e.g., commercial use, news media, educational, scientific, or other) and express a willingness to pay applicable fees.

Allow 20 working days for response to your request for information.


There is no initial fee to make a FOIA request and in many cases no fees are charged. However, agencies are authorized by law to recover the direct costs of providing information to a FOIA requester. For purposes of fees only, the FOIA divides requesters into three categories which are commercial use requesters; news media, educational, or scientific requesters; all other requesters.

Commercial use requesters are charged for search time, document review, and duplication. News media, educational, and scientific requesters are charged for duplication only, after the first 100 pages. All other requesters are charged for search time (after two hours) and duplication (after 100 pages).

In your request letter you may make a specific statement limiting the amount of fees you are willing to pay. If you do not, it will be assumed that you are willing to pay fees of up to $25.00. If your estimated fees exceed $25.00, you will be given the opportunity to narrow your request in order to reduce the fees or you will be asked to express your commitment to pay the estimated amount. Ordinarily, you will not be required to actually pay the fees until the records have been processed and are ready to be sent to you.

For a fuller explanation of fee and fee waiver matters, you may visit the Justice Department's web site at


Joint reverse FOIA court decisions, MCI v. GSA and Sprint v. GSA, have resulted in a change in the Defense Department guidance concerning the release of unit prices. Basically, if a FOIA requester wants unit prices (or pricing that would in effect reveal unit prices) he/she must come in under FOIA. The government must go back to the awardee of the contract in question and give the awardee an opportunity to prove that release of its unit prices would cause it substantial competitive harm. In that event, release of the information is denied in accordance with exemption 4 which protects trade secrets, commercial, or financial information that is privileged or confidential.


For more information contact the FOIA Office at:

Phone: 918-420-6804/DSN 956-6804