Public Affairs Office


The McAlester Army Ammunition Plant (MCAAP) Public Affairs Office (PAO) mission is threefold: internal information, media relations and community relations. The goal of the Public Affairs Office is to provide trusted counsel to base leadership, keep the workforce informed with accurate information while publicizing to the American public and elected officials the “Ready, Reliable and Lethal” mission, key Army, Army Materiel Command and Joint Munitions Command messages, and the accomplishments of our workforce.


Internal Information

  • • The MCAAP Public Affairs Officer supports the commander and base leadership by maintaining several avenues of communication with the workforce.

    • o The “MCAAP Messenger” newsletter is produced quarterly – Spring (March-May), Summer (June-August), Fall (September-November) and Winter (December-February) – by the Public Affairs Officer. Public Affairs is always looking for news and information directly related to the MCAAP and its workforce. To share story ideas with the Public Affairs Officer, email them to or call (918) 420-6591.

    • o Public Affairs is responsible for overseeing and approving all information that is uploaded to the MCAAP public website, which is maintained by the webmaster in the Information Management Directorate. All content concerns should be directed to the Public Affairs Officer.

    • o Public Affairs also has sole responsibility for managing the MCAAP Facebook page at www.facebook/com/mcaap.

    • o Public Affairs is solely responsible for reviewing and approving all messages that organizations want posted to the closed-circuit Video Information Display System (VIDS) in workplaces on the installation and to the electronic signboard on C Tree Road. This does not include the specially-designated Morale, Welfare and Recreation electronic signboards on C Tree Road, which are used solely to promote MWR activities. Requests for information to be published on the MCAAP signboard (not MWR) must be emailed to the PAO for review and approval, and will then be submitted by the PAO for upload.

    • o The Public Affairs Office does not manage the MCAAP Visual Information/Graphic Arts Office, which is part of the Command Initiative Group. To request assistance with photo, video and/or graphic designs, call (918) 420-7310.

    • o Public Affairs also maintains the biographies of the commander, civilian deputy and chief of staff, as well as the fact sheet about MCAAP, its history and mission.

  • • Internal Information Objectives:

    • o Link the workforce and their leaders through a free flow of news and information.
    • o Help workforce understand their roles in the MCAAP mission.
    • o Explain how policies, programs and operations affect the workforce.
    • o Recognize individual and team achievements.
    • o Provide avenues for feedback.

Media Queries

  • • All media contacts should be immediately referred to the MCAAP Public Affairs Office. The PAO will coordinate all media interviews, media queries and media access for MCAAP. Please direct all media calls to (918) 420-6591 during normal duty hours, which is Monday through Thursday from 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. If you have an urgent media query after normal duty hours, call (918) 916-0667 for assistance.

Community Relations

  • • The objective of community relations is to increase public awareness and understanding of the MCAAP mission and to foster positive relations with the surrounding communities.

  • • Demilitarization noise inquiries should be made by calling (918) 420-6775. MCAAP conducts demilitarization operations – or open detonations – of obsolete or unserviceable munitions Monday through Saturday, sometime between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., depending on the weather conditions. To ensure the noise does not exceed the maximum allowable decibels, MCAAP maintains noise monitors at three locations: Savanna (maximum allowable 128 db) and Kiowa (maximum allowable 128 db), which are the equivalent of front row at a rock concert, and McAlester (maximum allowable 121 db), which is the equivalent of the loudest human scream. Each load is set off 20 seconds apart. Demilitarization operations are halted for the day the moment a load exceeds the maximum allowable decibel level.


Phone: 918-420-6591 / DSN 956-6591