Visitor Information


Official visitors should check with their MCAAP point of contact prior to arriving at the plant. A visitor pass will be required. Be prepared to provide a valid government photo identification upon check-in. Most overnight visitors stay in the lakefront cottages on the installation. Your point of contact can assist you with questions about lodging or you can call (918) 420-7484.

Visitor Information and Tips

  • • Visitor authorizations are dependent on the current force protection condition level which is subject to change without notice.
  • • Do NOT bring weapons, alcohol, or illegals drugs to MCAAP. Be prepared to undergo a vehicle inspection when coming onto MCAAP.
  • • Prior approval/permission is required for the use of cameras (to include cell phones with photographic capabilities), video recorders, audio recorders, and any other recording device.
  • • Secure your vehicle when unattended. Secure high value items out of sight in a locked glove compartment or in the trunk.
  • • Secure purses, briefcases, laptop computers, packages when unattended.
  • • Obey all posted signs when on McAlester Army Ammunition Plant. These include SMOKING PROHIBITIONS IN VEHICLES and speed limits. Also, watch for wildlife at all times.
  • • Report emergencies to 918-420-6642 or dial 911 from any government phone while on MCAAP.

Driving Instructions

McAlester Information

Need more MCAAP Security assistance? Phone: 918-420-6642 for help.